Camden History is the Journal of the Camden Historical Society. It is published twice yearly and contains a wide range of articles and other items of local history about the Camden district.

The current editor is Dr Ian Willis. All correspondence should be addressed to The Editor, Camden History, PO Box 566, Camden. 2570. The editor welcomes articles on the Camden district for consideration.

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Vol 5 No 7, March 2024
  • Camden Bag Store: An Intriguing and Enigmatic Past. Dianne Matterson. p 301
  • Honouring Brian Stratton. Lee Stratton. p 308
  • Building the Cowpastures. The Legacy of Convicts in the Cowpastures. Max Walker p 310
  • Camden's Cultural Fusion Festival 2023-2024. p 315
  • Mary Burt, Weaver and Couturier (1895-1988). Patricia Johnston. p 316
  • Dance and Music Groups. p 319
  • History and Heritage. p 323
  • Cruising Camden. Ian Ramsay. p 325
  • Mavis Sidman celebrates her 100th Birthday. Kellee Cordina. p 327
  • Voices From The Past. p 335
  • Emmaville Dance Cards. Leonie Jackson. p 335
  • Frances (Fanny) Brien. Peter Riordan. p 338
  • Harry Warner, A Life. Frances Warner. p 342
  • Patrick Barry, a voice from the past. Michael Barry. p 346
  • Welbourne Private Hospital. Trish Hill. p 349
  • Camden Women's Basketball (Netball) beginnings. Dianne Smith (Musgrave). p 352
Vol 5 No 6, September 2023
  • Graeme Clark, a world-famous Camden Identity. Ian Willis p237
  • Laureate Professor Graeme Clark AC, Pioneer of the Multi-channel Cochlear Implant/Bionic Ear. Graeme Clarke. p 242
  • Yellamundie (the storyteller). Julianne Figar. p 255
  • Local Girl Wins RAS Showgirl Competition. Aidan Whittard. p 263
  • Private Frederick Oscar Kelloway. Kellee Cordina. p 272
  • Federation Store - The other Whiteman shop. Dianne Matterson. p 280
  • President's Report for 2022-23. Ian Ramsay. p 287
  • Elizabeth Yewen, a girl with a tale to tell.. Betty Yewen. p 289
  • Red Poppy Project. Frances Warner. p 295
  • Photograph Essay. Unlock Camden 2023l. p 300
Vol 5 No 5, March 2023
  • Cowell's Camellia Nursery 1970-2000. Charles Cowell. p 192
  • Onslow Assembly Hall Camden. Dianne Matterson. p 198
  • JD Rankin, Builder, Joiner, Timber Merchant, Undertaker, Popular Citizen and Mayor of Camden. Jo O'Brien. p 204
  • Artwork 'Life Blood' at the Australian Botanic Gardens. Susan Grant and Natalie Valiente. p 216
  • Frederick Sharpe of 'Camden View'. Kellee Cordina (Sharpe). p 218
  • The Life of Charles Davidson (David) Noble, Macaria Again. Lesley Robertson and Rick Noble. p 225
  • Photo Essay - Cowell's Camelia Nursery. C. Cowell. p 234
Vol 5 No 4, September 2022
  • The Carrington Hospital. Georgina Jeremy. p 128
  • Grave Matters. Insight into St. John's Cemetery, Camden. Mia van den Dolder. p 134
  • Breastplate - 'Murrandah Chief of Burra Burra tribe'. Julie Wrigley. p 142
  • Celebrating the Repatriation of the Murrandah Axe-Heads. Julie Wrigley. P 145
  • The WEST Journal. Dean Boone, Alexander Tomasiello, Bella Boone and Emily Anderson. p 149
  • Balconies: desirable feature or troublesome flaw? Dianne Matterson. p 153
  • N65929 Bede William Hennessy, Part 2. Kalebh Pearson. p 160
  • Letters To Camden From Gallipoli. Peter McCall. p 166
  • Nomination for a Blue Plaque for Camden Red Cross. Ian Willis. p 171
  • Mystery of Girls' College Solved. Julie Wrigley. p 174
  • Long Gone: A story of development in Narellan. Anne McIntosh. p 178
  • Old Days Old Ways. Dawn Gorrell, Betty Yewen, Joy Riley,Beth Channell, Evan and Jan Lepherd. p 183
  • Presidents Report 2022. Ian Ramsay. p 189
Vol 5 No 3, March 2022
  • From the President’s Desk. Ian Ramsay. p 92
  • Gone in a Flash: Camden Refrigerating, Butter-making and Bacon-Curing Works, Dianne Matterson. p 94
  • Trooper 2471 Bede William Hennessy. From Camden to Cairo, Kalebh Pearson. p 102
  • Presidents Report 2020 - 2021, Ian Ramsay. p 107
  • RAF De Havilland Dragon A34-47. An Enduring Mystery and an Unexplaine Loss, Jo O'Brien. p 110
  • A Local Family and Carrington Centennial Hospital, Frances Warner. p 117
  • Pansy Memories, Wayne Bearup. p 121
  • Mural: Operation Diggers March, Camden RSL Club. Annette Clissold, Dave Thomas, Ian Ramsay and Ian Willis. p 124
  • Camden's Early Schoolteachers: The Misses Nethery, Julie Wrigley. p 125
Vol 5 No 2, September 2021
  • President’s Message. Ian Ramsay. p 44
  • Reflections on achieving the vision for the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan. Peter Cuneo.
  • Larkin Place: From Saleyard to Carpark. Dianne Matterson. p 52
  • Vale, Peter Taylor. Ian Ramsay. p 51
  • Otho Vigars Coleman, The Man Behind the Postcard. Jo O’Brien. p 60
  • When The Old Schoolhouse Was New, Bringelly Public School. David Adams. p 72
  • Johnson Plaques. Julie Wrigley. p 79
Vol 5 No 1, March 2021.
  • Royal Oak Inn to the Albert Baker Arcade. Dianne Matterson. p 2
  • The Camden Park Bathhouse. Peter McCall. p 9
  • Bernie and Barbara Byrne, auctioneers, 60 great years in Narellan. Anne McIntosh. p17
  • Camden Remembers the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF). Kalebh Pearson. p28
  • Memories of John Fenwick. Anne McIntosh. p 32
  • Memories of Camden Park Estate. Ada Australia Goldsmith. p 37
Vol 4, No 10, September 2020
  • From the Editors Desk. Ian Willis p. 415
  • Camden's Heritage and the Impact of the 2020 Pandemic. Jo O'Brien p. 417
  • Covid19 and the 1919 Spanish Influenza pandemic. Ian Willis p.421
  • Camden Covid comments. Ian Willis p. 424
  • COVID has grounded my travel plans for now. Genevieve Lowry. p. 426
  • Old Photographs. Ian Willis. p. 431
  • Digitizing The Roy Dowle Photographic Collection. Trish Hill and Allen Seymour p.431
  • Unlocking Camden's History with the Camden Council. Laura Jane Aulsebrook p.436
  • Heritage Advisory Committee. Laura Jane Aulsebrook. p.436
  • Community Recognition Statement given to the NSW Parliament by Peter Sidgreaves MP, Member for Camden, on 6 August 2020.Peter Sidgreaves. p. 440
  • A Familiar Face: Tildsley's Butchery. Dianne Matterson p.441
Volume 4 Number 9 March 2020
  • Recollections of Burnham Grove from Virginia Ghezzi. Anne McIntosh. p.371
  • The Quiet Achiever: Camden Post Office. Dianne Matterson. p. 380
  • The Connections Between Local History and Family History. Jo O'Brien. p. 388
  • St Johns GFS celebrates 50 years. Anne McIntosh. p. 393
  • Trainee teachers Camden camp in 1924. Ian Willis. p. 400
  • The Rise and Rise of the Camden Museum, Celebrating Fifty Years! John Wrigley. p. 405
Volume 4 Number 8 September 2019
  • Disastrous Theatre Fire, Dianne Matterson. p 327
  • Loyal Orange Lodges, Brendan O'Farrell. p 332
  • The McMinn Royal Black Sash - Item No. 2017.73.4, Julie Wrigley, Anne McIntosh and Margaret Wheeler. p 333
  • An Independent Woman, Jo O'Brien. p 336
  • Textiles, History and Smoking Caps, Margaret Wheeler. p 342
  • U.S. Artist Exploring Seeds at the PlantBank, Kaleigh Rusgrove. p 344
  • Memories of Ron Davies: Abbotsford, Anne McIntosh. p 350
  • President's Annual Report 2018-2019, Ian Willis. p 361
  • The Abusive Mr Chisholm (Part 3), Peter McCall. p 363
  • Memories of Rob Shumack, Anne McIntosh. p 367
Volume 4 Number 7 March 2019
  • The Camden District Hospital Nurses' Home, Ian Willis. p286
  • Some Nursing Memories. Tricia Smith, Frances Warner, Trish Clark, Margaret Wheeler. p290
  • Camden Museum Volunteer Project, Dianne Matterson. p298
  • The Abusive Mr Chisholm (Part Two), Peter McCall. p299
  • Baragal Ngurra darami - Budbury and a paddock long ago, Venessa Possum. p307
  • My Story: The Tandem Team Launch Tourism, 1978-1988, Macarthur Country, Betty Yewen. p314
  • A Picture Tells a Thousand Words. Fashion Speaks Just as Loud! Laura Jane Aulsebrook. p316
  • William Macarthur and the Empire of Science, presentation by Dr Julie McIntyre at State Library of NSW. From notes taken by Anne McIntosh. p321
Volume 4 Number 6 September 2018
  • Alan Baker, the artist. Ian Willis. p242
  • Alan Baker Art Classes. Rizwana Ahmad, Patricia Johnson,
    Olive McAleer, Shirley Rorke, Nola Tegel, John Wrigley OAM. p248
  • The Abusive Mr Chisholm, Part One. Peter McCall. p258
  • Please 'shed' light on Matavai. Anne McIntosh. p267
  • Ria and the story of the song, Camden. Ian Willis. p270
  • Memories of Milton and Elaine Ray. Gail Carroll (nee Ray). p274
  • A notable scientist from Camden. Marilyn Willis. p276
  • President Annual Report 2017-2018. Ian Willis. p278
  • Changing environments for small charitable organisations. Kathy Lester. p282
  • Camden Item of Significance. Kathryn Pesic. p284
Volume 4 Number 5 March 2018
  • Dr Peter Mylrea OAM, Ian Willis, John Wrigley. p.215
  • Janice Johnson, John Wrigley. p.222
  • A vintage girl in a modern world, why a 21st century girl loves living a 1950s life, Laura Jane Aulsebrook. p226
  • Archaeology and Elderslie Railway Station, Andrew Lundy. p.232
  • John and Nona Souter, the story, Tony Souter. p.235
  • Camden and Wollondilly LGA Rivalry, a view, Lynette Styles. p.242
Volume 4 Number 4 September 2017
  • Sixty Years of Local History, 1957-2017. Ian Willis. p.151
  • The Rewards of Volunteering at Camden Museum.Robert Wheeler. p.157
  • Lively exhibition for the Centenary of Australian Federation. Sandra Dodds. p.159
  • President's Report 2016 - 2017. Ian Willis. p.167
  • Making the Most of MOSAiC. Anne McIntosh. p.171
  • Anzacs of Macarthur. Lauren Hokin. p.177
  • Commander Frank Gardner RAN 1841-1927. Harry Stait-Gardner. p.185
  • Memories of the Burragorang Valley. Ron Schofield. p.190
  • A 1930 road trip from Sydney. Anne McIntosh. p.193
  • My memory of my first jobs in 1965 and 1966. Robert Wheeler. p.195
  • Mother's Day at Belgenny Farm 2017. Anne McIntosh. p.198
  • A visitor to Camden. Anne McIntosh. p.199
  • Sculptures, Monuments and Outdoor Cultural Material project. Sandra Dodds. p.203
  • The Heath Years at Windamere, Cobbitty. Lenore Heath. p.204
Volume 4 Number 3 March 2017
  • Stories from The Menangle News. p.111
  • Sue Peacock, The story of The Menangle News. p.117
  • Laura Egan-Burt, An Arts and Crafts house in Menangle. P.120
  • Laura Egan-Burt, Menangle Community Association Inc. p.125
  • Anne McIntosh, The Camden Museum Collection - Understanding Its Significance. P.132
  • Anne McIntosh, Australia Day 2017. P.136
  • Mark and Trish Thornell, Immigrant Child. P.140
  • Wayne Bearup, Memories Of Pansy, The Camden Tram. p.142
  • Janice Johnson, Ghosts And Shadows At Macaria, A Reply. p.145
Volume 4 Number 2 September 2016
  • Linda and David van Nunen, Brian Stratton - the story of a local artist. p.40
  • Col Smith. Memories of Barbering. p.50
  • Mark Latham, Horse History in Western Sydney: Kirkham Stud, p.60
  • Sophie Mulley, Dairy Farmer to Young Local Historian, p.67
  • Ian Willis, Echoes of the Appin Massacre 1816, p.76
  • Joy Riley, Growing up in Camden, p.81
  • Bob Lester, President's Report 2015 - 2016, p.86
  • Pansy, The Camden - Campbelltown Train, Photographs by Wayne Bearup, p.91
  • Christos Scoufis, Camden Arcade 25th Anniversary Address, p.97
  • Tara Eagleton, A Personal Reflection on Local History Studies at the University of New England, p.100
  • Pauline Downing, Ghosts and Shadows at Macaria, p.107
Volume 4 Number 1 March 2016
  • Betty Kramer, Memories of growing up in Camden, p.1
  • Stephen Fisher, Memories of growing up in Camden, p.25
  • Catherine Warne, Book Launch, Pictorial History of Camden & District, p.27
  • Ian Willis, Camden: The role of heritage in the making of place in a New South Wales country town, p.31
Volume 3 Number 10 September 2015
  • Christine Yeats, Romani convicts and Camden connections, p333
  • Donald Howard, The Faces In The Street, p338
  • Peter McCall An Admiral’s Wife In Camden, p351
  • Dawn Williams, The Telephone Exchange – Werombi, p358
  • Janice Johnson, Margaret Wheeler and Julie Wrigley, 2nd Madras Cavalry Uniform, p361.
    Assessment of Significance. Collection Item No. 1970.264
  • Bob Lester, President’s Report 2014 – 2015, p366
Volume 3 Number 9 March 2015
Special Issue
  • Annette Macarthur Onslow, From the Old to New South Wales, the life of Astley John Onslow Thompson
Volume 3 No 8 September 2014
  • Bob Lester , President’s Report 2013-2014, p275
  • John Wrigley , Dick Inglis Death of a Fine Camden Citizen, p280
  • Cathey Shepherd, John Martin Hawkey’s Presentation Tea Service, p282
  • Ian Willis, RAAF Central Flying School 1940, p286
    Book Launch, Author Address, Ministering Angels, p290
    Camden District Red Cross, 1914-1915
  • Julie Wrigley, Red Cross Book Launch, p293
  • Lee and Brian Stratton, Official Opening of Liz Kernohan Drive, p295
  • Rene Rem, Museum Volunteers, p297
  • John Wrigley, The Paradox of Beauty from the Great War, p299
Volume 3 No 7 March 2014
  • Ian Willis, Joy Riley, Memories of John Street, p243
  • Peter Mylrea, The Hassall Family as Land Owners in Cobbitty, p248
  • John Wrigley, A Flood in Camden in 1819, p254
    Phillip Haylock, The Very Sociable Policeman, p256
  • Ian Willis, A Conversation with Joyce Thorn of Cobbitty, p259
    With Cathey Shepherd
  • Ray Herbert, Cobbitty Water Supply (Brochure), p260
    World War One, p269
  • Ian Willis, Launch of Report Managing The Future of Camden Park, p271
  • John Wrigley, My Dearest Ellen, p273
Volume 3, Number 6, September 2013
  • Sharon Greene, Kirkham to Camelot, p.199
  • Bob Lester, President's Report 2012-2013, p.212
  • Noreen Newton, The CIFA Story, p.218
  • Janice Johnson, Tank or Bank? p.220
  • Julie Wrigley, Clarissa Whiteman, First World War Nurse, p.223
  • Peter Mylrea, Crown Land and the Wild Cattle of the Cowpasture Plains, p.224
  • Janice Johnson, The Gallipoli Evacuation, p.231
  • Extract Camden News 1895, p.236
  • Ian Willis,Camelot, p.239
Vol 3, Number 5, March 2013
Special Edition, Camden Airfield
  • From the Editor, p.147
  • Annette Macarthur Onslow, Macquarie Grove to Camden Aerodrome, pp. 148-198
  • From the Author, p.149
Maquarie Grove
  • Behold where master Edward flies, p.150
  • The 'Broken Man of Camden', p.153
  • The Pioneer Farm, p.155
  • The race-course that featured in "Silks & Saddles", p.158
  • First Flight, p.161
  • Starting the Flying School, p.164
  • The arrival of the Air Force, p.167
  • Time in Exile, p.171
  • War ends and the show goes on, p.175
Camden Aerodrome
  • From the Horse's Mouth, p.179
  • Macquarie Grove Flying Notes, p.183
  • Films and Fun at Macquarie Grove, p.186
  • Now for a little light instruction, p.190
  • Pre-War and Post-War, p.194
  • Annette Macarthur Onslow, Bio, p.198
Vol 3, Number 4, September 2012
  • Ian Willis, John Carlyle Southwell OAM, RFD, ED, p.124
  • John Wrigley, Camden Historical Society, Annual Report, 2011-2012, p.129
  • Robert Wheeler, Elderslie, p.132
  • Peter Mylrea, he Original Village of Cawdor, p. 137
  • Peter. Mylrea, Development of Law Courts in Cawdor, Picton and Camden, p.139
Vol 3, Number 3, March 2012
  • Ian Willis, 'Frances Warner', p.74.
  • Laura Cole, 'Tracing the Untraceable- Camden's Great War Nurses'. p.79.
  • Laura Cole, "Sketches from my Notebook" - A Portrait of Sister Hester Morton, Great War Nurse', p.88.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'European Explorers in the Camden Region', p.90.
  • Jo Oliver, 'A Practical Partnership: library, museum and family history society co-operation at Camden', p.97.
  • Janice Johnson, 'Camden in the News', p105.
  • Ian Willis, 'Yearning, Longing and the Remaking of Camden's Identity: the myths and reality of a 'country town idyll', p.107.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Local Government, Camden Municipality and Nepean Shire', p.118.
Vol 3, Number 2, September 2011
  • Ian Willis, 'Edwina Macarthur Stanham', p.37.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Advertisements in the Camden News 1896-1914'. p.42.
  • Ian Willis, 'Community Partnerships: are they all that they are cracked up to be?' p.51.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'An 1843 Map of Camden'. p.61.
  • Pauline Downing, 'Dr Robert Melville Crookston, OBE'. p.66.
Vol 3, Number 1, March 2011
  • Ian Willis, 'Lee Abrahams, The District Reporter', p 1
  • PJ Mylrea, 'Water and Sewerage in Camden', p. 7
  • Penny Love-Lipinkski, 'The Junior Red Cross at Camden Public School', p. 11
  • PJ Mylrea, 'Macarthurs Village of Camden', p. 23.
Vol 2, Number 10, September 2010
  • Cathey Shepherd, '2009- 2010 President's Report', p.385
  • Ian Willis, 'Charity volunteers, the good works of Kay Sidman and others in Camden',p.388
  • Ian Willis, 'Mosaic Item (Object) Historical Research Report', p.401
  • Julie Wrigley, 'Museum Object Record on Mosaic Object: Pansy Painting', p.402
  • PJ Mylrea, 'A Revised Assessment of the Location of Mount Taurus', p.405
  • Ian Willis, 'Australian Dress Register', p.412
  • Julie Wrigley and Cathey Shepherd, 'Maud Hodge's Wedding Dress', p.412
Vol 2, Number 9, March 2010
  • Peter Mylrea, Henry Pollock Reeves, A Significant Camden Man, p.354
  • Ian Willis, Bellman Hangars, Camden Airfield, p.361
  • Accident on the Campbelltown-Camden Tramway. (1882), p.363
  • Rita Oliveri, William Henry Paling, Music Man and Generous Benefactor, p.365
  • Julie Wrigley, Violet Amelia Maud Bell, Nurse Millie Bell, p.368
  • Rita Oliveri, Martin Thurn, Vinedresser and Pioneer of Elderslie, p.370
  • Julie Wrigley, Frances Coker, a convict's daughter, p.372
  • Janice Johnson, Henry Gratton Douglass, Douglas Park, p.375
  • Rita Oliveri, Ben Hodge, Watchmaker and Community Worker, p.382
Vol 2, No 8, September 2009
  • Ian Willis, 'Central Flying School RAAF, Camden Airfield 1940-1945', p. 287
  • Ian Willis, 'US Air Force and Camden Airfield', p. 293
  • Ian Willis, '32 Squadron RAAF, Camden Airfield, 1942-1944', p. 295
  • Charlotte Hemans, 'Policing Camden in the early years, Camden Police Station, 1805-1878', p. 305
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Camden Fire Brigade', p. 313
  • Julie Wrigley, 'Adeline West, A Camden doctor's wife', p. 325
  • Rita Oliveri, 'RL Pinkerton, Camden's finest bowler', p. 328
  • Julie Wrigley, 'Honor Sidman, an inspiring life', p. 331
  • Rita Oliveri, 'Richard Hawkey, a Camden pioneer', p. 334
  • Janice Johnston, 'Toc H, caring for people', p. 336
  • Julie Wrigley, 'Eliza Pearson, Camden's first postmistress', p. 338
  • Rita Oliveri, 'George Armour, bushman and beekeeper', p. 340
  • Jenny Akers, 'The Clissold family, Seven generations in Cobbitty and district', p. 343
  • Pauling Downing, 'The loss of a child, our early settlers grief', p.348
Vol 2, No 7, March 2009
  • Gabrielle Gwyther, The Lifestyles War and the 'Aspirationals' of Sydney's West p. 236
  • Ian Willis, Oran Park. p. 246
  • Ian Willis, The finishing line for Oran Park Raceway Control Tower. p. 251
  • Peter Mylrea, Camden-Campbelltown Railway. p. 254
  • Rita Oliveri, Camden High School English Master. p. 264
  • Jenny Akers, Recollections of Ina Cameron (nee Hearne). p. 267
  • Pauline Downing, 'Rose Cottage', 14 Barsden Street, Camden. p. 272
  • Rita Oliveri, Marguerite Stewart Tucker (1894-1961). p. 280
Vol 2, No 6, September 2008
  • Ian Willis, '2008 President's Report Camden Historical Society Inc' p.186
  • Ian Willis, 'Camden'. p.195
  • PJ Mylrea, 'The Centenary of the Royal Foresters' Hall'. p.204
  • Jenny Akers, 'Recollections of Burnham Grove'. p.214
  • PJ Mylrea, '125-147 Argyle Street, Camden'. p.223
Vol 2, No 5, March 2008
  • Cathy Shepherd, 'Editorial'. 138
  • P Mylrea, 'Gas and Electricity in Camden'. p.139
  • J Wrigley, 'Vale, Dick Nixon, a eulogy' p.155
  • S Pacchiarotta, 'Early Medical Instruments'. p.158
  • I Willis, 'A Conversation with Joyce Thorn'. p.165

Vol 2, No 4, September 2007.
50th Anniversary Edition.
  • Ian Willis, '2007 Presidents Report'.
  • Betty Scott and Ian Willis, 'Objects and Their Stories, Cottage Furniture, 1930s Kitchen Chair'.
  • John Wrigley, 'Camden Historical Society, Its Second Twenty Five Years, 1982-2007'.
  • Ian Willis, 'Fifty Years of Local History, Camden Historical Society, 1957-2007', Address at the 50th Anniversary Meeting, July 2007.
  • Pauline Downing, 'Beep!..The Emu'.
  • Ian Willis, 'Historical Society Celebrates 50 Years', Address, Civic Reception, 20 July 2007.
  • Minutes of the Foundation Meeting', Camden Historical Society, 24 July 1957.
  • Minutes of the First Ordinary General Meeting', Camden Historical Society, 24 July 1957.
  • Anne Oehme and Ian Willis, 'Memories of Summer Holidays, Hillview, Lodges Rd, Elderslie, 1940s'.
  • David Constantine, 'Development of Impassion Restaurant', Address, 50th Anniversary Dinner, 15 August 2007.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'A History of Dairy Farming in the Camden District'.

Vol. 2, No. 3, March 2007.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'The Birth, Growth and Demise of Picture Theaters in Camden'.
  • Pauline Downing, 'Sharman's Boxing Troupe'.
  • Julie Wrigley, 'History of the Camden Branch of Save the Children 1973 to 2006'.
  • J.W. Jefferis, 'Memories of Living in Macaria 1938-1952'.
  • Pauline Downing, 'Aussie Roofing History Began With Bark'.
  • Dick Nixon and Peter Milrea, 'Frozen Rabbits and the Camden Freezing Works'.

Vol. 2, No. 2, September 2006.
  • Ian Willis, 'President's Report 2006'.
  • Pauline Dowling, 'Rainwater, The Stuff of Life'.
  • Karen Farmer, 'The Life and Health of John and Elizabeth Macarthur and Their Children'.

Vol. 2, No. 1, March 2006.
  • John Wrigley, 'Death of Nan Blattman, A Gracious Lady'.
  • John Wrigley, 'Owen Blattman OAM, Museum Stalwart Passes'.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Swimming in the Nepean River at Camden'.
  • Don Baker, 'Recollections of Teaching at Camden Central School, 1950-1956'.

Vol. 1, No. 10, September 2005.
  • John Wrigley, 'President's Report'.
  • Ian Willis, '"The Gentry and the Village", Camden , 1800-1939'.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Some Photographers of Camden'.

Vol 1, No. 9, March 2005.
  • RE Nixon, 'Reminiscences of Argyle Street in the 1920s and 1930s'.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Military Activities in Camden in the Late 1800s'.
  • Pauline Downing, 'Patent Cures and Medicines, Australian Home Journal, 1932'.

Vol 1, No. 8, September 2004.
  • John Wrigley, 'President's Annual Report'.
  • RE Nixon, 'Where Have All the Little Churches Gone?'
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Bridges Crossing the Nepean River at Camden'.
  • Colin and Agnes Mills, 'Bransby's Cottage, A Camden Colonial Home, Part 5, Owners and Occupiers, The Crown vs Ann and Sarah Norris'.

Vol 1, No. 7, March 2004.
  • John Wrigley, 'Building The Collection'.
  • RE Nixon, 'Improving Literacy in Camden in the Nineteenth Century'.
  • Ian Willis, 'Camden At War, Second World War, 1939-1945, A Brief Overview'.

Vol 1, No. 6, September 2003.
  • John Wrigley, 'The President's Report'.
  • Colin and Agnes Mills, 'Bransby's Cottage, A Camden Colonial Home, Part 4, Owners and Occupiers, George Bransby'.
  • RE Nixon, 'Some of the Earlier Recreations and Sports in Camden'.
  • Ray Herbert, 'A Brief History of Studley Park'.

Vol. 1, No. 5, March 2002.
  • Don Gapes, 'Thomas Barker and the Maryland Winery'.
  • RE Nixon and Peter Mylrea, 'The Telephone Comes to Camden'.
  • Colin and Agnes Mills, 'Bransby's Cottage, A Camden Colonial Home, Part 3, Owners and Occupiers, The Early Years'.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'What is the Origin of the Name Mount Annan?'

Vol. 1 No. 4, September 2002.
  • Peter Hayward, 'President's Report'.
  • Colin and Agnes Mills, 'Bransby's Cottage, A Camden Colonial Home, Part 2, The Restoration'.
  • Pauline Downing and RE Nixon, 'The Bells of St Johns'.
  • Peter Mylea, '"Perpetuated" Errors and the Identification of Pyramid Hill'.
  • John Wrigley, 'Hugh McCrae, Australian Poet'.

Vol. 1, No. 3, March 2002.
  • Thomas Herbert, 'Camden in the Early Days'.
  • RE Nixon, 'Wheat Growing in Camden'.
  • Colin Clark, 'Glimpses of Camden From 1934, Part 2'.

Vol. 1, No. 2, September 2001.
  • Colin Clark, 'Glimpses of Camden from 1934, Part 1'.
  • Peter Hayward, 'Federation Exhibition at Camden Museum'.
  • Colin and Agnes Mills, 'Bransby's Cottage, A Camden Colonial Home, Part 1, The Building'.

Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001.
  • Peter Mylrea, 'Camden Historical Society, Its First 25 Years, 1957-1982'.
  • RE Nixon, '"Teamster's Memorial" Yerrandarie Silver Ore'.
  • John Wrigley, 'Federation Exhibition at Camden Museum'