In our Photographs and Objects Collections we are ocasionally faced with a mystery. Who are they, where is that, what could this be? Hopefully someone out there can help us identify our mystery photos and objects. If you can please contact Camden Historical Society.

This old leather bound photo album has been in possesion of the society for many years. It's donor and the identity of the people pictured in it are unknown.

There could be one clue though. Written in pencil on the back of the last photo in the album is the name Grace Kemp.

Could this infant be the Grace Kemp born in Murrumburrah in 1905 to William and Martha Kemp (nee Henessy).
William and Martha had eight children all born in Murrumburrah.
(So how would a photo album from Murrumburrah end up in Camden you ask?)

Well, Martha Louise, Grace's sister married Frederick Taber son of William and Elizabeth Taber (nee Booth) who were married at Appin and lived in the area for a number of years.

If you can come up with a better story than this please let the Camden Historical Society know.

These Photos and most of the others were taken in England

This infant girl is Grace Kemp. Photo taken in Sydney.

Who is this happy lot and where are they? (Unrelated to the previous photos)